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Jamplifier Studios

Update – June, 2020: We have just completed our first test production, the album Black Strawberry Limes by Ghost Vortex. Producing this record unveiled the studio's strengths and weaknesses, and so we will now shut down and upgrade the studio, hoping to be back sometime in 2021.

Monitoring & Acoustics

Professional accoustic design & treatment
Symmetrically designed control room
Quested Q212 main monitors
Yamaha NS10 near field monitors

Desk, mixing & digital I/O

32 channel controller with 100mm motorized faders
MOTU 16A (16 i/o channels via Thunderbolt) & M-Audio Project Mix (8i/4o channels via Firewire)
Apple Logic Pro X (recording & mixing), NI Komplete & other plug-ins
Softube Console 1 with Solid State Logic SL4000E and Neve 1960s/70s British Class A channel
Steinberg WaveLab Pro (mastering & audio restoration)


Neumann TLM 49
Shure 55 SH Series II, Shure SM57 (2x) & SM58
Audio Technica PRO 37 (3x) & Røde NT1

Outboard Gear

SPL Channel One MkII tube preamp
SPL Qure fully parametric tube EQ


Various electric, accoustic and bass guitars (Carvin, ESP, Taylor, custom made, ...)
Mesa/Boogie TriAxis & 2:90 tube amplifier
Marshall 1960A, 2x12" custom made and 1x10" Orange speakers
Access Virus kb synthesizer