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Jamplifier Studios

Jamplifier Studios

Jamplifier Studios are Jamplifier Records' in-house recording studios. The studios are used to record, mix, and master music created by artists that are collaborating with us. Please visit the Artist Services page on this website if you're interested in working with us.

Record & Mix

Solid State Logic AWS 948 δelta analogue mixing console, up to 48 channels in mixdown,
SSL E/G EQs, SSL G series buss compressor, δelta DAW control & Total Recall
MOTU I/O (16 in, 64 out, 24bit @ 96/192 kHz, linked via AVB & Thunderbolt)
Apple Logic Pro (DAW: tape machine, editing & FX) on Apple iMac Pro (10 cores, 64GB)
Softube Tape analog tape machine emulation (Studer, Ampex, EMI) on all channels
Softube Console 1 running Solid State Logic SL4000E, British Class A (Neve)
and American Class A (API) on all channels, with customized hardware controller


Solid State Logic Stereo Buss Compressor (AWS onboard)
Solid State Logic Fusion analogue processor (drive, EQ, compressor, stereo image, ...)
IGS Audio Tubecore 3U tube mastering compressor (vari-mu, inspired by the Fairchild 670)
Steinberg WaveLab Pro (mastering & audio restoration software)

Monitoring & Acoustics

Professional accoustic design & treatment, symmetrically designed control room
Quested Q212 main monitors (2 x 12", 2000W RMS, 126db @ 1m)
Yamaha NS10 & Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube Classic near field monitors
Infinity Reference 41i hi-fi speakers
AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT-100/16-G and other studio headphones
Hardware A/B-ing, mix / master / reference switchable via AWS


Neumann M149 & TLM49
Shure SM 7B, SH Series II, SM57 (3x) & SM58
Electro-Voice RE20, Audio Technica PRO 37 (3x), Røde NT1 & more...


Neve 1073 preamps (2x)
SSL SuperAnalogue preamps (24x, AWS onboard)
SSL Legacy 4K preamps (2x, SSL 2+ audio interface onboard)
SPL Channel One MkII tube preamp

Compressors & EQs

Warm Audio WA-2A (Teletronix LA-2A tube compressor clone)
Black Lion Audio Bluey (blue 1960s UREI 1176 clone)
Klark Teknik 76-KT (2x, UREI 1176 clone)
SPL Qure fully parametric tube EQ (stereo, or 2x mono)
Softube Console 1 running Solid State Logic SL4000E, British Class A (Neve)
and American Class A (API) on all channels, with customized hardware controller

Reverbs & Effects

Relab Development LX480 Complete (Lexicon 480L emulation plug-in)
TC Electronic M-One (stereo multi effects processor)
TC Electronic DVR250-DT (EMT 250 emulation plug-in, with hardware controller)
TC Electronic TC2290-DT (TC2290 emulation plug-in, with hardware controller)
Valhalla VintageVerb & Plate (plug-ins)
Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension BBD-320 (Roland Dimension-D clone)

Instruments, Amps & Plug-Ins

Electric, accoustic and bass guitars (Carvin, ESP, Taylor, custom made, ...)
Tube amps: Mesa/Boogie Mark V (bronco blue custom finish, 4 6L6 tubes),
Mesa/Boogie TriAxis (v2, featuring the Rectifier circuit),
Mesa/Boogie 2:Ninety (2x 90w power amp with 8 6L6 tubes)
Speaker cabs: Marshall 1960A (4x12"), Mesa/Boogie Thiele (1x12"),
Orange PPC112 (1x12"), Custom Made (2x12" Boogie clone)
Hardware Synths: Access Virus kbcynthCART 64 v2 (MOS SID synth on C128D)
Native Instruments Komplete: 14 synths, 30 sampled instruments, 5 percussion tools,
16 effects, 24 expansions (software plug-ins)
XILS Lab PolyM (Polymoog emulation plug-in)


Technics SL-1200mk2 direct-drive turntable
Technics SL-PG400A & Sony CDP-490 CD (Compact Disc) players
Pioneer CT-S609R & AIWA AD-R707 MC (Compact Cassette) players / recorders
Sony MDS-JB920 & MDS-JE330 MD (MiniDisc) players / recorders
TEAC AG-790 power amp / receiver
Infinity Reference 41i hi-fi speakers
Vinyl Record Collection, over 200 classic records from Chuck Berry to Radiohead


Apple Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere on Apple iMac Pro (10 cores, 64GB)
JVC HR-DVS2U Mini-DV & S-VHS (vintage format compatibility)


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign on Apple iMac Pro (10 cores, 64GB)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a session in your studios?
Jamplifier Studios are no commercial facilities, they are only used to produce music created by artists collaborating with us. This also means that you cannot simply book a session in our studios. Please follow the instructions on our Artist Services page if you'd like to work with us.
What kinds of instruments can you record in your studios?
We record vocals, as well as almost all kinds of instruments. We usually don't record drums however, as our recording space is not well fitted for this purpose. There are better places to record drum sets, and therefore we're collaborating with local facilities offering great drum recording environments.
Why Apple Logic Pro, why not Pro Tools?
This is mostly for historical reasons, as we have been working with Logic since the mid 1990s. Some people will tell you that you'll absolutely need to work on Pro Tools or that all professional recording studios only run Pro Tools, but this is simply not true. Logic is used by a large number of professional producers, and it perfectly fits our workflow. Also remember that we use the DAW mostly to emulate an analog tape machine, while most of the sound manipulations are done using our SSL console and our outboard equipment.
Why MOTU/AVB, why not some MADI/DANTE converters?
Again, there are historical reasons for this, as we have been using MOTU devices since the 1990s, and the current higher end interfaces offer excellent A/D and D/A converters. Some people will tell you that MOTU's preamps aren't the best (which may even be true), but remember that we're not using interfaces featuring preamps at all, we completely rely on Neve 1073 (probably among the best preamps ever made), SSL SuperAnalogue and SPL preamps.


If you're an artist (singer, musician, band, ...) and you're interested in working and/or collaborating with us, then please contact us via the Artist Services page. For all other purposes, you may contact us by sending an e-mail to either contact@jamplifierstudios.com or contact@jamplifierrecords.com.
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