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Jamplifier: A New Hope for DIY Musicians

Jamplifier: A New Hope for DIY Musicians
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LUXEMBOURG - October 16, 2019 - Today we launched the Jamplifier Project, which is new platform that shall help independent DIY to succeed, by greatly improving the quality of their self-produced music.

What's the Jamplifier Project?

Jamplifier shall help independent musicians of all genres to become successful on their own, without having to follow trends or to produce mass-compatible chart pop music, and without having to rely on traditional record companies.

The project currently consists of a social community platform (www.jamplifier.com, featuring knowledge & information), as well as an eBook (The Jamplifier's Manual – How To Become A Rock Star In The 21st Century).

What's so special about it, what makes it different?

Jamplifier will encourage you to do exactly the opposite of what everyone else is doing in the music business.

Instead of blaming piracy, streaming, customers, and record companies, we will first address the most fundamental problem of today's music industry – which is the overall quality of the music itself.
Jamplifier will try to help musicians to become relevant artists, by developing their own, unique sound and style, and by producing music that will be truly innovative or even revolutionary again.

Jamplifier is about greatly improving your songwriting skills, writing high-quality songs that will have a real impact, and producing killer albums that people will absolutely have to buy.

Marketing and self-promotion will only be addressed after those essential goals have been reached. So this is not some "Get Rich Quick" scam that shall help to get better at selling a mediocre product. Jamplifier is about reaching an entirely new level as an artist and about producing music that will truly matter.

What's the deal?

The platform itself, as well as using all of its information and tools, is free; and you may also download the first chapter (150+ pages) of the related eBook for free. The book's free part already reveals all core ideas and strategies behind the project, so there are no "hidden secrets behind some paywall”.

The entire book (1,000+) is about $10, and it's available on both Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle. Buying the book is recommended, but not required to be part of the community.

Who's behind the project?

The Jamplifier project has been initiated by Jos F. Kirps, a musician who was a member of one of the bands that sparked the underground music scene in Luxembourg (Europe) in the 1990s.

In the early 2000s, Jos quit music to start a software business (he created Luxembourg's official educational platform, among others), until he decided to return to music by launching a new solo project in 2008.

Everyone told him that returning to make music was a terrible idea, as the entire music industry was in deep trouble, and so he decided first to analyze what's wrong with both the music industry and the music scene, and this work finally culminated in the Jamplifier Project, which took ten years to complete.

Further information…

Most questions will be answered on the website’s Vision, Manifesto, and FAQ pages:


The project’s core ideas and strategies are outlined in the Jamplifier’s Manual’s first chapter, which is available as a free download:


Press information, logos, screenshots, book covers and QR codes are available in the press area:


If you have further questions or requests, then please contact us via e-mail:


Jamplifier: A New Hope for DIY Musicians
PDF, 2022 kb

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